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Though trees make your property cooler and add shade to it, the roots can do significant damage to a nearby sewer pipe. Any moisture that gathers on the exterior of a sewer pipe is attractive to tree roots, and so they will grow as long as possible until they reach that moisture. They will eventually pass through any small gaps between fittings until they reach the inside of the sewer. The roots themselves will not cause a leak or clog in the line, although they will catch debris and begin the accumulation of debris in the sewer pipe.

The above is how roots do damage to sewage lines. The good news is that something can be done about it. In the past, plumbers dug the part of the property where the sewer pipe can be accessed, and the sewer line is then fixed or replaced, depending on the severity of the problem. A lot of digging and breaking are involved in this method, making it a messy method. Also, since everything has to be put back together afterwards, it can cost you a good sum of money. You will have to pay for landscaping on top of pipe relining.

Fortunately, things are done differently these days. In the new process called pipe relining, a team of plumbers will access the broken sewer pipe, clean it, and then place a lining in it to patch the cracks and give it 100% protection from tree roots. All of those steps are done without any digging involved.

Does that sound interesting to you? Here are some more things you need to know about the process:

The Advantages

  • Enhanced protection. The lining itself is perfect against root intrusion, as stated above, due to its durability.
  • Less time needed for completion. Unlike the old method, which takes about a week to accomplish, pipe relining can be done in just hours.
  • The lining lasts long (50 years)!
  • This method requires no excavation, and this means you do not have to deal with your front or back yards looking like a construction zone for several days.
  • Zero excavation also makes the service cheaper.
  • The surface of the lining is smooth, and this smoothness improves wastewater flow.

The pipe relining process outline:

Partial cleaning. The pipe is partly cleaned with a hydro-jet to prepare it for inspection.

Video investigation. A camera is then inserted to check the extent of the damage to the broken pipe and what caused it.

Complete cleaning. This time, the hydro-jet will be used to completely clean the sewer pipe. It’s worth keeping in mind that the hydro-jet is powerful enough to remove tree roots.

Lining placement. The lining, once set up, will serve as the new interior of the pipe. Setting up the lining involves the inflation of the calibration tube, followed by the introduction of steam or hot air to cure it.

Reassessment by video. The camera will be inserted in the sewer pipe again to see if the lining has been properly installed.

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