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Hot Water in Northern Beaches

After working for twenty years in the same job Sean was devastated when he was made redundant. It was not a reflection on him or his work but the company had fallen on hard times and drastic measures had to be taken.

Sean and his partner Rachel lived in a nice house on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. After a few months of job searching, Sean’s redundancy payment was running low. He had imagined work would be difficult to find but never thought that he would be deemed an old man at 45! The problem was 25 year old “kids” were interviewing him and considered a person with experience was a risk to their jobs. Rather a short sighted conclusion, it was a shame that the wealth of knowledge was not seen as an asset.

As the months dragged Rachel and Sean decided to get someone in to rent the spare room to help with the loan repayments. It was set up like a teenage retreat with its own separate bathroom perfect for a boarder. They advertised the room for rent and found a nice girl to rent the room.

With the extra person in the house, there was a noticeable strain on the hot water supply, the hot water tended to run out and was slow to reheat. One morning Sean turned on the hot water and it just would not get passed luke warm. He checked that the switch had not tripped in the fuse box, but it seemed to be OK.

He called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Northern Beaches as he had used them before and thought they were reliable plumbers.

Once the plumber arrived he noticed that the tank was only 80 litres and it was over 12 years old and it had indeed burst. He explained to Sean that he would need a new tank as the one he has was too small for all of the people living in the house and that he was lucky that the tank had lasted this long. He said that most people don’t realise that the tanks only last 8 to 10 years, if you get more life out of it you are lucky.

He ran through all of the hot water options available to Sean and they agreed to install a larger tank that would cope a little better than the existing tank. He also ran through the options of having a gas powered tank rather than the electric tank he had at the moment.

Sean decided that converting to a gas tank would be more cost effective in the long run especially since there was already gas connected to the house. The Northern Beaches Plumber organised the new tank and had hot water operational by the afternoon.

For all of your Hot water needs in the Northern Beaches call us on 0402 067 088.

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