6 Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

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If homeowners just take preventive actions to avert plumbing disasters, there would less money spent for services. In addition, you don’t need to be concerned with complications and repair service since having proper maintenance will avert all of these. For instance, frozen pipes after the winter season. The following are maintenance tips to avert frozen pipes at home:

Turn off the water

If you’re preparing for the worst scenario, what you have to do first is to shut down the main water valve especially if the household is unoccupied so that when the pipe burst, the water that will gush out of the pipes will be minimised and controlled.

Install a heating cable

By opting a heat trace cable, it helps you avert frozen pipes or pipe bursting. There are certain heat taps that can be wrapped around the pipe that run along with it. Typically, there are two areas in which you find this solution either in your electrical supply house or it can be in your local home depot store. If you’re planning to purchase a heating cable, you must know that there are instances where it must be cut to length from a roll. When this happens, you have to invest in a kit to turn it into an efficient heat trace cable. For some stores, they already have ready to use heating cables.

Thermostat should be tuned up

If you’re residing in an old household above an uninsulated space, this isn’t the time to be concerned about your high-water bills. When activating the thermostat, chances are it will elevate the air temperature in a crawlspace by expecting that the heat energy through the floor and into space. Having this kind of situation, it’s best to air seal the space and insulate all the exposed pipes.

Putting a space heater

An easy way to protect and avert our pipes from freezing is to place an electric heater close to it. on the other hand, when you’re using a space heater, your goal is to keep it from freezing so make sure to set the heater at an average level.

Install fibreglass

Aside from all the tips, you can also go to the closest home depot and try to choose either a package or two unfazed fibreglass insulations. In addition, you can also look for heavy duty single-use coveralls, a collection of knife blades, a dust mask or work gloves. The next step for this is to do the work wear. After, try to check all the insulations in the entire household and see where you can place all the insulation to poorly covered pipes.

Opt for a foam a board to insulate large areas

After checking your household and see there’s a huge insulation required, keep the heat by using a barrier made from a foam board. The foam board will serve as an insulation. Faced foam or unfazed foam board, it will work especially if you use it for temporary solution only.