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Emergency Plumbing in Northern Beaches

Katrina and Lachlan were renovating the kitchen of their unit by themselves. They had done a pretty good too. Lachlan was a cabinet maker so he was able to save them a lot of money doing all of the carpentry himself. He was also able to remove the old flooring and install some lovely new timber flooring.

Today there were having the new gas oven and stove delivered. Lachlan had removed the old stove and taken it to the scrap metal yard. It was good to see the rusty hunk junk removed from the kitchen. He had installed the cabinets and had left a space for the over to slide in. He was going to hook up the gas himself as he had seen the plumber cap off the old stove and felt confident he could install the new one himself.

The stove was delivered and two burly guys delivered it upstairs into the unit for them. Katrina carefully unpacked the stove and removed all of the packaging out of the way.

“OK so we just have to lift it into place and then I can connect it up later.” Lachlan said. “Are you sure we shouldn’t hire a plumber to do this?” Katrina asked. “It will be fine, I don’t want to spend money we don’t have to, trust me.” The pair started to lift the stove into place, the space that it fitted into was certainly tight but it fitted perfectly. At the last minute Katrina lost her grip on stove and it slipped as Lachlan gave it a final shove into position.

At the time he didn’t realize it but the stove had actually damaged the gas pipe. As he was working installing some of the shelves in the cupboard he heard a faint hissing noise. He stopped what he was doing and tried to find out where the sound was coming from. A cold shiver ran through his veins when he realized that it must be the gas supply.

Upon closer inspection he realized they had damaged the pipe and gas was leaking from it! He looked for the gas shut off valve but found that it was really tight and could only move it slightly so the gas would not shut off completely. He remembered there was a preferred plumber listed on the unit notice board. He ran downstairs and called Your Local Plumber Northern Beaches and advised him of the emergency. The plumber advised him if he couldn’t shut off the gas to stop working in the area and open as many doors and windows that he could so that the gas would not have the chance to build up.

Following the plumbers instructions saved him from a possible disaster, gas is not something to be taken for granted. The plumber arrived ASAP an replaced the faulty shut off valve as well as repairing the gas leak. While he was there, common sense prevailed and Lachlan asked him to connect the stove for him to ensure it was safe and didn’t have any leaks.

Do you know who you can call for a Plumbing Emergency in the Northern Beaches? Your Neighbourhood Plumber of course on 0402 067 088.

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